The Importance Of Religion In Public Schools

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A popular debate that has been persistent throughout the years has been whether or not religion should be taught in public schools. Should religion be taught to students to a larger extent or not at all? In my opinion, it is so important to teach religion in a school setting for multiple reasons.
One major reason is that with knowledge, comes understanding and hopefully appreciation as well. If you were to ask me about how we handle religion in our world today I would say we are very ignorant and uninformed, leading to stereotyping and seeing one as intrinsically superior to all others, which can possibly be avoided by simply taking time to learn. Studies have shown that bullying and teasing about religion typically starts at a young age, which is completely unacceptable. For these reasons, I believe it is essential for students to learn about the various religions around us each and every day, considering our world is more diverse than ever before. In 1970, a little less than 5 percent of the U.S. population was born outside of the United States. Most of them were Christian Europeans whose lifestyle and religious practices blended into the ordinary. By 2010, our foreign-born citizens have nearly tripled, and the portion of Latin America (54%) and Asia (28%) greatly exceeded the portion from Europe (13%). (EducationWeek) No, children at this age most likely won’t understand the complexity of religion, but it is a small step forward in the right direction.
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