The Importance Of Slavery In America

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Citizens of the United States pride themselves on living in a country in which is referred to as the “land of the free,” however, the fact that slavery played a major role in its developmental years cannot be ignored. It is important to note that slavery existed before it was brought to America. Prior to Slavery in America, there was slavery in Africa. Slavery in Africa however, it was much different than the slavery that transpired in the United States. In Africa, slavery was based on the need for labor. People in Africa would become slaves through being trapped during war, being in debt, as well as stealing among other things. Their positions as slaves were also not permanent. They were able to to marry out or pay their way out of being a slave. Also, slaves in Africa although having very low social status, they still had some respect.
Slavey first came to America in the 1600s. In the United States, there was first indentured servants to fill the need for labor. It consisted of Europeans who signed work contracts in order to come to the Americas. Indentured servitude was not the same as slavery and it was also not permanent or based on race. After Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, slavery went beyond the need for labor and chattel slavery became prominent in the United States. Chattel slavery was much more desirable seeing that it was a permanent position, slaves did not have rights, and seeing that slaves were defined by their race, slaveholders experienced an emotional

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