The Importance Of Tackle Football In High Schools

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When I first started playing football, I didn't know anything about concussions. Now that I’m a sophomore in high school, I see all these stories of concussions all over the place. This doesn't worry me about playing this sport and no one should be worried about it either. All kinds of injuries occur in all kind of sports; however, football takes an extremely bad rap about concussions, but the fact is they happen in almost every sport. Many people think tackle football should be banned until a person is sixteen, but if they wait till then to teach them how to properly play they could get hurt even worse than if they did play tackle football before high school. Tackle football should be started around fifth grade to teach kids the fundamentals and keep them safe when they play in high school. Someone who starts any type of activity in high school that they could have had the chance to learn in their younger years will not be accustomed …show more content…

USA Football has been certifying coaches all around the country to coach children how to properly tackle and play the game of football. coaches are taught how to properly tackle, block, and fit equipment. coaches are also taught how to identify signs of concussions, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. The USA Football videos are shared throughout the country and teaches kids how to play the game of football properly. Now there are people who think tackle football should not be played till a kid is sixteen. Even John Madden thinks kids should not play tackle football until a certain age. I could see benefits to this such as less of a chance of concussion or other injury. Also there less chance of dehydration or heat exhaustion. This is wrong because USA Football Has Certified many coaches all around the country how to prevent these things. Not only coaches are being educated. Many kids and teens are being educated about how to properly play the game of

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