The Importance Of Teenage Pregnancy : Are Teenagers Capable Of Making Responsible Decisions

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Are teenagers capable of making responsible decisions? Many adults have argued that maturity is dependent on age and experience and, therefore, claims that teenagers do not completely understand the principles of effective decision-making. This claim is supported by the many choices that teenagers have made in the past. For instance, the issue of teenage pregnancy has been of great concern to both men and women in all cultures. Teenage pregnancy has generated intense controversy where some feel strongly that teenage pregnancy can lead to many complications and health risks because of their undeveloped bodies, while others firmly advocate that teens are capable of making healthy lifestyle choices. Random surveys were conducted on women who experienced motherhood at a very young age to reveal the outcomes of young parents and their children. The findings of these surveys provided information that was shocking to the public and increased the demand of preventing teenage pregnancies. Certainly, teenage pregnancy should be prevented because it places teenagers at a higher risk of developing medical complications, discourage teens from pursuing a higher education, and places a huge responsibility on teenagers who are not completely ready or are able to accept.

Though many have advocated for the prevention of teenage pregnancies, statistics have shown that twenty-nine million adolescents are sexually active; a number that continues to grow each year. According to Resource Center

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