The Importance Of The Black Land In Jamaica

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Travel across the globe and you will find no shortage of monuments and statues paying homage to those who have made significant contribution to society or to their individual nations.
In Kemet “The Black Land” also known as Egypt, you will find one the oldest monument on earth. Sitting on the west bank of the Nile in Gaza, is the Great Sphinx of Giza, a symbol of our African greatness. Looking down on Parliament Square in London is Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid revolutionary. In Barbados you have Bussa, the national hero who led the great slave revolt in 1816. His statue symbolizes the breaking of the chains of slavery. Swing over to Guyana and you will see the national hero, Kofi, a man stolen from Ghana, enslaved in Guyana and later became liberator and leader of the 1763 slave revolt. Then there is Gaspar Yanga, the African national hero of Mexico, leader and liberator of the Maroon of Mexico, and the list goes on.
In Jamaica we have our own fleet of monuments and statues, a proud representation of our own history, culture and achievements. Historically, Jamaicans are a proud, strong-willed people known to the world as freedom fighters, revolutionaries even trend setters. Going all the way back to 18 century Jamaica and you will see the Maroons led by Nanny and her brothers fighting and standing up to Europeans powers. In the second Maroon war of 1795, 300 Maroons stood their ground against 1500

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