The Importance Of The Canadian Charter Of Rights

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The Canadian Charter of Rights has been entrenched in the Constitution Act of 1982 since 1982 and affected the lives of countless Canadians ever since it was passed, with most if not all of the effects being positive. This can be proven by the fact that the act that the act has only faced two amendments in the 35 years it has been in effect. Furthermore, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has five components; Fundamental Freedoms, Democratic Rights, Mobility Rights, Legal Rights, and Equality Rights. All of these were designed to make sure that Canadians face no discrimination, and are not denied any basic rights. This can be seen by seeing how much the quality of life for Canadians has increased over the time the Charter has been embedded in the Constitution, by how much the Charter actually does protect the rights of Canadians. The first way that the Charter has improved the quality of life for Canadians is through its section on Fundamental Freedoms, it ensures that Canadians are guaranteed the right to express their opinions, choose their own religion, organize peaceful meetings, and associate with any person or group. These four subsections have gone miles in improving the comfort Canadians now experience, starting off with the right to express your opinions, this has been a big problem for First Nations when they were taken into residential schools and were not allowed to express their opinions on whether they wanted to be a part of them, as in if they did they would

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