The Importance Of The Centrality And Power Of Love

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The centrality and power of love as experienced by humans has led them to write songs throughout the ages. It has also resulted in verses and stories about love which they describe as the indescribable and mysterious force that leads them to the peaks of felicity as well as to the depths of despair. Love is the ultimate human concern. It is also the object of all human striving as well as the universal principle engirdling all human activities (Brent Linge 3). The need to examine and explore love to its very depths has been a major human priority from the beginning of time. Plato’s symposium is an example of a forum, which focuses on myths, and motifs of love. It is an ancient discourse, which records stories and verses in form of speech by six prominent Athenians. Their stories depict the nature and function of love. Plato’s doctrine of Eros, love is egocentric in nature. It is also apathetic towards the others. It is destructive and discouraging for people who crave a comprehensive understanding of authentic love and the love for others God included. Unlike other Platonic dialogues which cover topics such as conceptions of justice, the nature of knowledge and the constitution of reality suggested by Parmenides, the symposium takes a different, rather sentimental approach. Plato strives to link love to philosophy. He demonstrates that the concept is after all, the handmaiden of philosophy. He takes local and traditional theories of love and utilizes them to come up with a

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