The Importance Of The Christian Crusades

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For centuries, religion has played an important role throughout history by having the power to unite individuals, towns, kingdoms, or even countries. By giving people something to believe in, it gives them a “purpose in life”, because life without purpose would be boring and dull. An example of this unity was the Christian Crusades during the Middle Ages. The Crusades were a chain of Christian military campaigns against the Turkish Muslims that occupied the holy land, Jerusalem, which lasted from 1095 to 1291. These Christian crusades all started because of Pope Urban II’s call to unify all Christians from France and the Holy Roman Empire and to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims.
The main reason that united Western Europe was when the Seljuk Turks invaded the Byzantine Empire and captured a big portion of the kingdom. During the chaos of the invasion, Alexius Comnenus, an army general, was able to seize the royal throne and consolidate his power and control over the last remaining pieces of the empire as the new emperor. As a last attempt, Alexius called out to Pope Urban II for assistance in retaking the Byzantine Empire and Jerusalem from Muslim control. When Urban II heard about the Turk’s slowly advancing through Europe, he called for a meeting in the Council of Clermont, which gathered hundreds of clerics, nobles, and peasants. Urban II was able to conjure thousands of volunteers for his expeditions by claiming that all sins would be forgiven if they joined, meaning

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