The Importance Of The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man

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The French Revolution, a time span of widespread social and political disturbance that lasted about ten years from 1789 until 1799. During the period of the French Revolution, rights, privilege, and freedom were topics to be spoken about. Rights was a topic that created such big controversy because not all the laws that were put into work made sense and not all applied as they said they would. Things like the Declaration of The Rights of Man were released to that have many laws referring to the freedom of man. Even with these laws being passed people still were not content because many people were not incorporated. Citizens were said to be free of expression in all ways possible, but only those who were considered to be citizens, and as said before not all were included. Many who did not hold active power and contribution were also to be excluded from these benefits that were provided with The Declaration of The Rights of Man. Along with that there were also some religious differences within beliefs of others. Rights took a bewildering role during the French Revolution because when it came to the matter of freedom, the rights that were given at the time would contradict their statements with many minority groups. During the first year of the of the French Revolution, August 1789 and September 1790, the National Assembly took in hand to create and build a new political society. In order to do that they took innovative steps to make change. First, they got rid of noble and

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