The Importance Of The Early Years Learning Framework

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The Early Years Learning Framework is an essential tool for educators, it allows us to understand that there are many foundations for early childhood development, and are essential for children’s success in learning. The foundations for these competencies are built in early childhood. (EYLF page 38) As Hill & Rowe (1998) state in ‘Teaching Mathematics: Foundation to Middle Years’ there has been research and it has discovered that the teaching is one of the main contributors to how effectively our children learn. So the way we teach has a significant difference on how effective education actually is. As teachers, we have an extremely influential role in the way children learn. Ensuring we are providing them with appropriate learning experiences. As Siemon states in ‘Teaching Mathematics: Foundation to Middle Years’ that there are strong connections between teaching and mathematics learning, and in the end ensuring we have effective mathematics teaching. To understand what it means to be an effective mathematics teacher, you need to have confidence in your own understandings, having conceptual connections among various mathematical topics. Ensuring educators are creating and providing meaningful learning opportunities for children. As educators, we need to understand that setting the scene is also a key role in developmentally appropriate experiences, As the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK states on page 14, that there is an importance on “physical and social learning

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