The Importance Of The Hate Crimes Prevention Act

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Senator Ted Kennedy, introduced Senate Bill 622, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA). The bill was in response to a steady climb in the reported hate crimes and the public support for harsher penalties for hate crimes (Kalam, 2000). Today most hate crimes are based on race and religion, however, there are a growing number of hate crimes based on the victim’s sexual orientation (Kalam, 2000). I think Kennedy was on the right path by introducing laws that would give harsher penalties for hate crimes. Hate crimes are just that, hate and should be punished according to the hatred that is involved.
In June of 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court approved a new approach to punishing hate crimes. The ruling allows states to impose harsher sentencing of offenders who select victims based on race, religion, or other personal characteristics (Greenhouse, 1993).
In 1999 Billy Jack Gaither was beaten to death with an ax handle. Gaither was a gay man who supposedly made advances toward his alleged murder. Gathers murder was not reported and no one was ever prosecuted for it. Also in 1999, there was the Los Angeles synagogue shooting. Congress realized there was a major need to combat hate crimes (Kalam, 2000). No human should be allowed to kill another human just because they disagree with their sexual identity. If this happens we will be allowing people to kill other humans just because they do not like their hair color and eye color and then be become Hitler.
Because hate

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