The Importance Of The National Association For Young Children Or Naeyc

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The History of NAEYC By: Katie A. Wnukoski ECED 776 Dr. Shaffer 10/13/2016 Throughout our career as childhood educators, we observe the significance of the National Association for Young Children or NAEYC. It is recognized as “the nation’s premier organization for early childhood professionals-setting research based standards and providing resources to improve early childhood program quality” (Copple & NAEYC, 2001) for teachers, students, and families. Despite exercising the knowledge of what NAEYC means for our classrooms and the students in them, some may not know who or how the organization was founded. Knowing the background of NAEYC is important because it has a reputable history of providing universities and educators with high quality, researched, information. In order to ascertain a further purpose to why these standards matter and the importance of NAEYC in education, we must learn its history and its founders. The standards written for NAEYC have been chosen through the appropriate research, to suite multiple situations and practices. By learning more in depth of the theorists and researchers that have made NAEYC what it is today, allows us to see origins of each standard and how they have developed from theory, into a standard in today’s education. Through learning its history, we can fully understand the connotation of seeking the best solutions for achieving successful educational outcomes through research and observation of needs. The
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