The Importance Of The Sunbelt

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The Sunbelt is the southern section of the United States. It has become an attractive place for Americans to move for a variety of reasons. It was a much different place to live for the people moving there, especially the ones moving from northern and midwestern states. At one point the Midwest and east was the attractive place to live due to its vast industrial base but that began to change as time went on. This is when the great migration to the Sun Belt began. As the industry in the Midwest began to dwindle the residents of the region began moving to the south. The climate of the region generally saw longer summers and milder winters than what other regions did. In fact the Florida climate was even tropical and a vast departure from the north. One particular piece of technology came to the forefront during this time, the air conditioner. The development of this climate controlling device made the hotter summers easier to stand for those not quite used to the heat and, at least in the case of the southeast's climate, the humidity. …show more content…

The warmer climate is one thing that attracts retirees but it is not the only factor. Economic conditions are more favorable in most of the Sunbelt. Many of the southern states have a lower tax burden than the ones to the north. Land is also cheaper in all but the resort areas of the Sunbelt. The Sunbelt is not just for retirees though. There are a variety of jobs available to those relocating to the region. The agriculture industry is powerful in the Sunbelt as the climate makes it good for farming most crops. Many manufacturers have also relocated to the region. In particular the automotive industry has migrated to the south due to the fact that the unions are not as powerful as they are in the northern manufacturing areas. With the pros of the Sun belt it is easy to see why people would want to live

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