The Importance Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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To acknowledge each human’s values equally, regardless of the surrounding context such as that person’s ethnicity or socioeconomic status, means that the ideals of basic human rights are being achieved. Many countries protect such human rights with specific legislation, in which they then cohesively share the principles of dignity, equality and respect. Some of these cultures, too, include a bill of rights in their legislation to reinforce such moralistic ideals. Australia, though, has not done so, and protects human rights through other means such as common law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution, and legislative acts passed by the Commonwealth, State or Territory Parliaments. However, many question the potential effectiveness of introducing legislation that outlines each human right on a single document within Australian law. By examining Australia’s current legislation, this will aim to determine the relativeness of incorporating a bill of rights. As well as this, the implications of such an implementation will establish appropriate legal recommendations for Australian human rights.

Australia protects human rights through current lawful processes including the Constitution, legislation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For one, the Australian Constitution was established in 1901, being a document that lists a set of rules by which a country or state is operated. Amongst other principles, the Constitution outlines five explicit

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