The Importance Of Youth Incarceration In The Juvenile Justice System

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Over the course of ten years or more, several youth offenders have been arrested and placed in the penitentiary with adult inmates. With that in mind, this is a huge problem within our criminal justice system today. Many states have implemented a plan to protect our juveniles who are maturing into adulthood through their juvenile justice systems, but their strategies have not been effective at all. However, juveniles who commits crimes are very different from adults who have committed crimes. For instance, juveniles should be placed in a different category when they violate a law(s) within our criminal justice system, not because they should be less responsible for their wrongful doing, but because they have a greater capacity for change compared to the adults who have committed crimes. In addition, juvenile’s brains are still in the development stages and they need adult’s protection and guidance to safeguard the rights to prevent injustice.
Youth incarceration in our criminal justice system is a very serious issue because many of our youth have been convicted in adult courts nationwide for non-violent crimes like drug and alcohol offenses, and housing these juveniles have been very costly as well. “Incarcerating youth in adult jails and prisons is the most expensive option for the juvenile justice system and unfailingly produces the worst results. While an estimated 200,000 youth under age 18 are prosecuted, sentenced, and incarcerated in the adult system each year

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