The Importance of Flag Detail in the Military Essay

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The Importance of Flag Detail

In today’s society, the American flag is a symbol of freedom, liberty, and justice among a number of other values. As Americans, we value the flag for its representation during the revolutionary war and the everlasting significance of today. As soldiers, we pledge to honor, serve, and protect the flag and the United States of America at all cost. In this paper, the relationship between the American flag and the United States Army will be explored through the histories of both. Furthermore, the importance of flag detail will be discussed by linking the two entities together as one. Without the American flag’s representation, the Army has no purpose; no means to exist.

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In 1788, a new constitution was formed naming the president the commander in chief and left the congress to legislative matters. The Army has been involved in several wars and conflicts across the globe including: World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and many others. The military of today as of 2009 consists of the around 2 million soldiers stretched across the five main branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. Today’s United States Army consists of over 1 million soldiers with about half serving on active duty. The United States Army follows 7 basic principles: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. It is the duty of an American soldier to defend the US flag which symbolizes the United States of America.

As seen in the histories of the United States Army and the American flag, the two of them go hand and hand. It is important as soldiers to honor the flag and take flag detail seriously. The American flag is a symbol of all the brothers who have died for the United States, all the people that are allowed to live free in our democratic government, and the people in other countries that now able to do the same due to the United States efforts. According to the article, “Honoring the Flag-Detail More Than Raising, Lowering Flag”, the soldiers of the 3/17th Calvary Regiment takes flag detail very seriously. One

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