The Importance of Sex Educations in Schools Essay

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Each year, U.S. teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies, and youth under age 25 experience about 9.1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs). By age 18, 70 percent of U.S. females and 62 percent of U.S. males have initiated vaginal sex (Klein, 2005). Comprehensive/realistic sex education needs to be instilled in schools because it is effective at assisting young people to make healthy decisions about sex and to adopt healthy sexual behaviors and habits. Comprehensive/realistic sex education has a monumental effect on today’s youth, resulting in a rabid drop in teen pregnancies, teen abortion rates, and sexually transmitted infections between teens. Unlike abstinence until marriage programs that have not been shown to help…show more content…
Just by parents initiating having “the talk” is a tool that parents can give to their teens about sex, just the common and general details. Without this type of connection being made between parents and teens it becomes that much more difficult for teen to reach out to adults when they are thinking about possibly becoming sexually active. If this connection is established then when in the initial sexual education class teens will not be as taken back and frighten by sex and the cold hard facts about what can happen to you if you decide to have sex and are not careful. Inside the classroom all facts (no matter how graphic or embarrassing some people may think they are) should be discussed. This being because unfortunately many teens are somewhat clueless when it comes to sex and the facts of life. In my own opinion I believe that if teens were to learn about these facts and given the proper resources they need in a safe educational environment they are more likely to either chose to wait to have sex or if they chose to have sex they will at least be prepared and know which steps to take to have safe sex so they will not end up pregnant or with an STI. Teens will also have someone educated about sexual education who they can ask any question without feeling uncomfortable or having doubts about any sexual concepts. Maybe if we were more open about sexual education we wouldn't have so many societal problems like teen pregnancy, teen abortion, and teen STIs.
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