Essay about The Importance of Zinc in Our Bodies

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Elements exist all around us. There are actually one hundred and fifteen elements. Ninety of these one hundred and fifteen are naturally occurring. Metals make up ninety one of the one hundred fifteen elements. One element that fits all these characteristics; weighing in at thirty five point thirty nine grams, having an atomic number of thirty and grouped into group twelve on the periodic table, is none other than zinc. Zinc is found and needed almost everywhere on Earth. Without zinc, you would probably not be able to read this paper. Zinc is the second most important metal in the human body. The body’s immune system relies on zinc to stay healthy. Zinc is actually found in every cell of the human body! Also without zinc, one would not …show more content…

Today, zinc is still commonly used. However, its purposes are considerably different of those of the fifth, sixth, and seventh century. Today, zinc is often used in galvanization. Galvanization is the process of coating metal with another metal. Zinc is often used to galvanize steel. This process prevents the steel from corrosion and makes it stronger. As stated previously, zinc is used in the creation of the metal brass. It is proven that the modern penny is made up of ninety seven percent zinc. Many items are made of zinc or zinc coated metals. Galvanized steel is often used to make docks and bridges because, it requires such low maintenance and barely corrodes. Zinc is also used to protect exposed wood from decay and insect infestation. Brass is used to make many useful, household items. One item made of zinc based brass would be musical instruments. Brass has acoustic qualities which make the sound louder, which is preferred in the art of music making. You will find that most horns, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and tubas are made from brass. Brass is also used to make furniture, because of its shiny luster and sturdiness. Another use brass has had since its beginnings were as utensils. They do not bend as easily as steel or aluminum which makes these utensils last longer. Brass is also used in radiators because of its properties of being a conductor.
Zinc is a part of many alloys to. Some alloys, zinc is a part of, are with the

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