The Increased Prison Population and Improper Punishment System

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Social scientists and organizational psychologist have given additional acknowledgment to the influence of social and cultural issues in organizational system (Carter, 2000, p. 2). This clearly indicates that how these issues affect many fields of society and how important is their resolution. Many key global events of the last decade have captured attention on issues of nationalism and cultural diversities. As Hallinan and Jackson says, “Within the context of the post 9/11 era a complex and arguably contradictory and paradoxical set of conditions, practices and policies have emerged in relation to how we see, represent, understand and acknowledge the diversity of ‘Others’” (2008). In this paper, I have discussed issue of racism which our …show more content…

Thousands of people are residing in United States prisons and jails, and they go untreated. The very institutions which confines offenders, creates people with mental illness and drug addictions disorders. Crime needs varying interventions targeting problem-specific areas due to numerous factors. The United States is the world leader in the increasing prison rate, in both as a percentage of population and raw figures. As per a fresh report which employs data of each and every state, a record 2,319,258 citizens were in prison or jail at the beginning of 2008; which means one amongst every 99.1 adults. The increasing rate of prisoners do cost very high to the tax payers as well as other plans of government. US government spent six times more on prison inmates than the rate of increment for higher education expenditure. Another negative impact is that due to budget shortfalls faced by states, they had made a proportionate reduction in expending on education and other social requirement (Levinson 2002, p. 34). The rate of African Americans’ imprisonment is radically greater than for the total population. A shocking ratio, one out of every nine black men between the ages of 20 and 34 is in jail or prison. This raises the doubt about the racial disparity in even police department. Supreme court Justice Kennedy warned that, “There is the moral blindness in our criminal justice

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