The Indian 's New World : The Catawba Experience

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The two sources compared in this research are “The Indian’s New World: The Catawba Experience” and “The Ohio Indians and the Coming of the American Revolution in Virginia”. Both sources chronicle the tales of sizable Native American tribes, but the tone of the research is very different. The research conducted by the Omohundro Institute is very specific about the struggles Native Americans in the Carolinas encountered as a result of colonization. The natives suffered from many hardships, and significantly declined in number over the decades, causing different tribes to band together to become one cultural entity. The Catawba Indians became economically dependent upon the colonists, heavily influencing their collective decision making in matters of war and negotiation. However, the Catawba Indians also had several advantages, as the individuality of the colonies made the Americans compete against their neighbors for better deals with the natives. The Journal of Southern History’s article reflects various land disputes between the colonies and the natives, and implies that interactions between the British Crown, Americans, and Indians eventually helped spur the Revolutionary War. Using these two primary sources, the purpose of this paper is to make two arguments: the many issues natives faced changed their culture and economic way of thinking, and that their history differed significantly from each different area as a result of competing pressures from the colonists. It is

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