The Individual And Technology - A Contemporary Issue

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The Individual and Technology – A Contemporary Issue
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Executive Summary
Effects of Technology
The Australian Institute of Criminology has produced documentations explaining “the technique of ‘DNA identification’ compares the DNA of two bodily samples to ascertain whether or not they came from the same human being. Identity of DNA in the cells across both samples implies that the samples are derived from the same person (or identical twins); non-identity implies different human sources.”
Beginning in the mid-1980s, the development of DNA analysis technology has revolutionised the field of forensic science within the criminal justice system. As the refinement of procedures and technology continues, even minute samples of biological material (including blood, saliva, semen and skin cells) are able to be analysed and used to link or acquit perpetrators of crimes. (Whitney, R n.d.)
A Brief history of DNA testing – TIME,8599,1905706,00.html
Issues and Legal Implications
DNA Identification in Post-conviction Reviews
Mishandling of Evidence
The mishandling and contamination of evidence poses serious threats to the achievement of justice within the court. In October of 2009, Wyong Local Court was forced to overturn a burgular’s conviction after samples were mishandled in the laboratory, leading to a false match. Victoria has also experienced problems with DNA contamination, leading to a

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