The Industrial Revolution And The American Revolution

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The industrial revolution was not only technological revolution but a social one that would lie foundation that would grow the word “revolution” exponentially. The industrial revolution brought with it change, whether that change was positive or negative is questionable however it did change the world as it was known. In both England and the United States of America strong industrial revolutions struck, the revolutions would change roles in the household and society for both women and me and the ideologies held about gender roles. In both countries effected by the revolution, industrialization challenged religion and authority, the impact of which can still be seen today.
The industrial revolution in both the United States and England relied heavily on roles in the household and society. Men, woman, children and minorities all had a set place in society before the industrial revolution. During the revolution and sense of enlightenment changed the roles of these individuals. In the middle of the 1800’s there was change in the role of men, the workplace was no longer a farm or working in the town, rather men were expected to be entrepreneurs. Men, unlike woman, were seen as aggressive and built to work in a savage work place were they could bring home the bread for the family. In England several factory jobs were quite laborious, as well as in the US, however many emigrants that came to the United States had a different sense of what labor as a man meant. Labor was no longer

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