The Inevitability Of Utter Loneliness

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Emilee West Miss Sibbach AP English III 12 December, 2014 The Inevitability of Utter Loneliness In the novella, Of Mice and Men, author John Steinbeck creates a world of solitude and isolation through the characters of his story. The men and women in Of Mice and Men illustrate that though one may not physically preside alone, the characters will portray the mental and emotional seclusion and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that still dwells within them. The inevitability of aloneness within the lives of each one of Steinbeck’s characters in Of Mice and Men alludes to the fact that it does not matter the situation one may currently or previously endure, one’s mental status, marital status, or racial status, the feeling of loneliness will preside in the mist of all the other feelings that one may feel. John Steinbeck displayed that seclusion and desolation which presides in the world in which the characters of the novella Of Mice and Men dwell in and their lives and trails display how each one of them either over overcome or become victim of the obliterating feeling of loneliness. George portrayed the perfect character for Steinbeck to display the feeling and effects of loneliness the greatest. George does not have a family; George only has his best friend and companion, Lennie. In the very beginning of the book Steinbeck indicates George’s loneliness by incorporating the scene in which George and Lennie discuss their idea of the American dream. “Guys like us, that

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