The Initiatives Of Primary Care

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Initiatives of Primary Care Introduction The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that there is no single definition that can completely define primary care. Primary care has several definitions because it is a multi layered approach and network of services experienced in the early stages of an individual’s entry into the health care system. Primary care involves primary care practices, primary care physicians, non-primary care physicians, and non-physician primary care providers (1). They fall under the scope of providing individuals with first contact care and entry into the complex world of health care. There are three levels of care, which are comprised of primary, secondary, and tertiary care. They are are ranked not only…show more content…
They are an important in the administration of primary care and direct the movement through the health care system. These initiatives make sure that primary care is effective not only with care for the patient but, also with controlling the high cost of care and maintaining a high level of efficiency. Discussion Risk stratified care management is the process determining a patients health risk status to direct and implement appropriate care. There are several methods used to determine the patients health risk status which includes the hierarchal categories which is a coding system that predicts “expected health expenditure”, adjusted clinical groups which is used to predict hospital utilization, and Elderly risk assessment is for the population over 60 years old who are living past life expectancy and require more frequent and costly care (2). The purpose of these screening tools is to predict cost of inpatient and outpatient treatments. It also looks for co-morbid diseases, factors such as age, gender, and life style, which can increase the chances of developing certain disease. By using the assessment methods the same information can be used to communicate to other care providers no matter what level of care is needed or a change in primary care providers. This also streamlines the type of basic care
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