The Insiders Literary Analysis

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The Insiders confronts racial flaws in society through indirect characterization of Liam including his speech and actions towards the Reds. Liam is constantly making obnoxious remarks about the color of others t-shirts which can be seen on page four written as “You know, I’m surprised you and your fellow CRIMS didn’t try to fight me off, since you guys basically live on the streets.” by Ms. Sniadajewski’s English Honors 1 class. Liam believes he is better than all of the reds because of he has a different color shirt. Throughout the story it is seen that Liam has a strong disliking for Taylor as shown through his actions towards her. On page 1 it describes him setting up a plan to embrasses Taylor in front of the whole class just because she has a red shirt and decided to sit at the front of the classroom. …show more content…

As Taylor is calling him out he starts to get desperate and says “ We have always been better than you.” which is written on page five of The Insiders. When Evelyn leaves the Purples to join the Reds, Liam knows there is no more he can do to win the argument and so he retaliates leaving Evelyn and the Reds behind. Though all this, it grasps onto the concept of people changing and to standing up for what they believe is right. Liam’s actions towards the Reds represents the realistic divides of people being bullied due to being a different color, but also how others change and look for the good things inside of people and not just their

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