The Interesting Narrative And Other Writings By Olaudah Equiano

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In The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings by Olaudah Equiano, Equiano gave interesting descriptions of his and others experience as a slave. He begins his novel by first explaining the place where he grew up, Nigeria, Africa. This part of Africa during that time was very fruitful and rich. Given this location, it can be understood that Equiano came from a family of wealth and power. He was the youngest and most favored of his siblings. Equiano explained the different African traditions and practices, i.e. honoring the dead, arranged marriages, dance ceremonies. Equiano loved Africa and his family but sadly one horrific day, he and his older sister were stolen from their home and later separated from each other. Not only was he …show more content…

Equiano described the cruelty of the crew who kept watch of the Africans. If an African refused to eat, they received an hour of whipping or, even if one preferred death to being a slave, they were brutally punished. Equiano even witnessed the crew hurting one another, to the point where some died and had to be thrown overboard into the sea. A few of the Africans could no longer handle the mistreatment of being a slave and jumped overboard in attempt of suicide. Some succeeded, but those who did not succeed were lifted back on board and beaten unmercifully. At some point, most of the Africans were placed in the basement of the ship and had to endure one another’s stench. There was lack of health assistance and they were not allowed to properly excuse themselves to use the restroom. Because there was lack of fresh air and they had to stay in the basement for days at a time, many of the Africans got sick (Equiano 58). Equiano pondered why the white men treated their slaves so poorly, because slaves in Africa were never treated so inhumane.
While living with his master, working on slave ships, and working on a plantation, Equiano had seen many practices of slavery in America. The way Americans treated their slaves was very different than the way Africans treated their slaves. For those who survived the slave ship, they were separated and

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