The International Space Station ( Iss ) Essay

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We have dreamt of spaceflight since ancient times. Humans have developed and thought of many ways to acquire this immense feat and it wasn’t till the 20th century mankind were able to build rockets powerful enough to overcome the force of gravity. Since then, we’ve successfully sent mankind to the moon, rovers to mars and space probes deep into the reaches of our solar system. Nations have striven to advance and attain great heights in the field of space exploration. The constant competitiveness between USA and USSR during the cold war led to many major breakthroughs in the history of space exploration beginning with USSR launching the first international space station and USA successfully landing a human on the moon. The international space station (ISS) stands as the basis of how international collaboration can affect space exploration. Even though some nations are unwilling to work together, space exploration provides a platform for nations to form relationships that benefits one another and create beneficial relationships with each other. International cooperation has the potential to provide significant benefits to all participants as well as help develop space programs. Such cooperation can provide benefits in the form of monetary efficiency, programmatic and political sustainability, and workforce stability over a period of time to those countries who chose to approach it as mutually beneficial undertaking. International cooperation must be an essential partaking

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