The Internet and Global Politics

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Accorodng to Badie & Royal (2000), they showed that the internet has affected the global politics through increasing political participation. The innovation of internet brought with itself the ability to allow people to participate in political events differently. Internet allows people to influence the government decisions via comments posted on websites and send e-mails of political contents (Ferdinand, 2000). Nowadays, many governments are launching political websites and media to seek public opinions on critical issues, which further suggest that the internet facilitates the westernization of some countries. Furthermore, the internet has changed or improves the way politics is running by providing alternative activities to offline political activities (Howland, 2002). In the past, to run a protest, an offline activity must have been set up by visiting government offices to present critical political issues (Howland,2002). Currently, it is extremely easy to protest against a politician or a government department by interacting to the media through email or forums. Therefore, the internet seems to have shortened the completely bureaucratic and complicated process and saved time/resources. In the flipside of the coins, the integration of internet into political environment has some negative impacts and undermining the process of westernization (Ferdinand, 2000). Western governmental organizations are the key players in spreading the western democracies and values through
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