The Iran Hostage Crisis Changed The Political Connections Between The United States And Iran

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Kristal Cannici
Dr. Lammers
The West and the World: 1945 - Present
20 November 2016
The Iran Hostage Crisis
The Iran Hostage Crisis changed the political connections between the United States and Iran for several years to come. The Iran Hostage Crisis became a symbol of America 's global power and influence On November 4, 1979, Iranian students stormed the US embassy in Tehran, Iran, and took sixty-three Americans hostage. The students agreed that the hostages would not be released until the Shah returned to “Iran to stand trial for the crimes committed against the Iranian people.” (Bechtel). Despite the Shah’s treatment of the Iranian people, the President Carted allowed the Shah into the United States to receive medical treatment. Although President Carter made attempts to negotiate the hostages released, he failed several times. Because of his failures he was viewed inept and ineffective in regards to the crisis. The hostages were released on January 20, 1981, the day that President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. This paper will discuss the main reason why the hostages were taken, and why they were not released sooner.
Back in 1950, when Mossadegh was Prime Minister of Iran, he nationalized Iran 's oil industry, reducing the European influence throughout the nation over the oil commodity. This sparked great fear throughout the United States; they feared the communists would turn the Iran democracy against them. After three years in exile, in 1953 Shah Mohammed

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