The Is Regulation And Its Impact On The Landscape Of Long Standing Industries Essay

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There is no doubt that the recent introduction and rapid growth of the new "shared economy" companies have materially changed the landscape of long-standing industries. With this change has entered benefactors, victims and much controversy and debate as to the overall merit and value these companies add to communities and cities both domestically and worldwide. Also, because of the continuing growth of these shared economies, the existing and impacted populations and government bodies are too in flux, responding and evolving. Essentially then, the battleground is regulation; specifically the how, what, when, where and why of regulation is what is being debated, challenged, litigated, legislated, protested and formulated worldwide, in municipalities of all sizes and in the various industries that the shared economy companies have been able to enter, and in some cases dominate in a short time, literally having taken a substantial market share. Although San Francisco is a flashpoint of current regulatory tug of war for various industries, especially in transportation and housing, the Airbnb and its impact has been on the minds of legislators worldwide for at least a couple of years. In December 2014, Sawatzky listed 45 government bodies that were in the process of addressing the impact of Airbnb in their communities. Sawatzky states that “in most cases the intention seems to be to create more precise definitions of “short-term rental,” to implement oversight

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