The Is The Main Provisions Provided Under This System?

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1.What is Medicare in Australia? What are the main provisions provided under this system?
Australia’s Medicare scheme was created in 1984 with the intention of improving access to healthcare for all Australians by providing all in need of treatment with access to adequate healthcare at little or no cost, regardless of age or income. Medicare was introduced by the Federal Government and is Australia’s publicly funded universal health insurance scheme. (Medicare Australia, 2014) Medicare is managed by the Department of Human Services and allows public patients free medical care at public hospitals and free or subsidized care from doctors, specialists and other health professionals, if they’re partaking, such as optometrists. Those who are eligible for Medicare hold an Australian or New Zealand citizenship, have a permanent visa or have applied for a permanent visa and meet certain requirements. The Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments fund Australia’s public hospitals, which aid greatly in providing accessible care. (Medicare Australia, 2014) Medicare additionally provides the Australian community with many strategies that attempt to address the needs of certain groups such as the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which provides financial aid for primary dental care for children aged 2-17 who meet the necessary requirements. (Human Services, 2014) Medicare also implemented the Medicare Safety Net, which gives eligible families and individuals financial help for out

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