The Islamic Republic Of Iran

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is an authoritarian, complex and opaque regime with many leaders including the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who are openly hostile toward the west and in particular the United States. The former Supreme Leader Khomenei once said, “we must strive to export our Revolution throughout the world, and must abandon all idea of not doing so,” # despite their best efforts the Iranians have failed to achieve the Revolution’s goal. Furthermore the vast majority of Muslims and non-Muslims have no desire to live under this form of tyranny that subjugates is people to the will of the ruling elite, denies basic human rights, suppresses individual freedoms and fails to provide prosperity for its citizens.

Even with this backdrop as the starting point for a dialogue, it is time the United States begins selective but direct diplomatic engagement with Iran. As Henry Kissinger stated, “the United States should be prepared to reach a geopolitical understanding with Iran on the basis of Westphalian principles of non-intervention and develop a compatible concept of region order.” # This does not mean the U.S. must abandon the ideals and values that we hold dear, but rather understand that every country does not and will not adhere to the same principles that we have come to cherish over the past 240 years. Additionally, this does not prevent the U.S. from actively engaging with a nation that is diametrically opposed to our governing principles.

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