The Issue And Effect Of Extra Constitutional Actors On Gun Laws On The United States

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Throughout the United States the policy process is the same. It starts with extra-constitutional actors, which are political parties, media, public opinion, and interest groups. These actors find a problem or issue and effect policy makers to get it known. These policy makers then use their concerns and create policy. The policy is then implemented by the bureaucracy in some way. The people and these extra-constitutional actors then evaluate this policy. Some may like it and let it be, while others may start the process all over again.
According to Smith, “the states share similar political structures and follow the same overall set of rules, but they make different choices” (Smith, 8). This means that all states have a similar policy process, but that they still have different laws. This can be seen in how they create laws on guns. Each state has different gun laws and this is due to the effect of extra-constitutional actors in each state. Extra-constitutional actors affect the policy process in regard to gun laws in each state differently.
In this paper, this will be looked at by using the comparative method. According to Smith, the comparative method “uses similarities and differences as the basis for systematic explanation” (Smith, 7). The comparative method will be used by looking at how each extra-constitutional actor has effected gun laws in each state recently and comparing them. From this it should be seen they have all created different gun laws in the state from…
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