The Issue Of Affirmative Action

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Imagine a world where no one notices the color of each other’s skin, a world where everyone was treated equally, fairly, and without prejudice. This is the ultimate goal for our generation. We want to see equal opportunities for everyone regardless of sex, race, or nationality. The term affirmative action has been the center of national debate in the recent history with liberals, both black and white, arguing that affirmative action levels the playing field and makes up for historical prejudice and discrimination. Affirmative action means minorities that are any underrepresented group defined by race, ethnicity, or gender are preferably admitted to universities or employed in government and businesses. The same argument goes for reparations. "Forty acres and a mule” was what the U.S. government promised former black slaves during the Reconstruction Period, following the Civil War. That promise never came true and now, over a century later, the topic of reparations is still being heavily debated. Reparations ultimately restore justice and are needed in order for the world to gain equality. In contrast, conservatives argue that opportunities should be based on merit – the individual’s talent and abilities – and that giving preferential treatment based on race or gender is reverse discrimination. As far as reparations, they would argue, it would be foolish to apply them in the present American setting. Affirmative action first came about when President John F. Kennedy

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