The Issue Of Asylum Seekers

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While the issue of asylum seekers has mainly challenged Australia’s political power and resources, the debate is mostly ethical and putting human dignity first is integral. Whilst both political parties have very similar policies in regards to the topical issues, which are in essence going partially against the Church’s stance and human dignity. Australia has the economy, land, low population and living style to support more asylum seekers/refugees, especially when we have a ranking of 48 in the world on the scale of how many refugees we currently have accepted.

With both political parties having fairly similar opinions on the refugee situation, only having slight differences, only a few differences separate the two, with labor wanting to increase the refugee intake per year to almost double of what the coalition currently has in place which is 13,750 and labor plan to raise it up to 27,000. (Australian Labor Party) Also labor also plans to reinstate the UN’s refugee convention, which Abbott is currently undermining, which is technically international law. In one way this breach of international law Abbot has broken is refusing to take refugees that has been allocated to Australia by the UN, for it is overstepping the coalitions humanitarian intake policy. Also labor will work to implement a system to release the children from off shore and on shore detention centres. As well as cutting down the time it takes for an asylum seeker going through the process to become a

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