The Issue Of Mandatory Overtime For Nurses And Why It Should Not Be Eliminated From Use By Hospital Management Essay

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McIntyre’s framework is a method of conducting in depth analysis that emphasizes understanding issues in healthcare as complicated and multifactorial problems, while exploring barriers to resolving the issue (McIntyre & McDonald, 2014, p. 5). Using this framework, this paper will provide an in depth analysis of the issue of mandatory overtime for nurses, and why it should not be eliminated from use by hospital management.
Situating the Topic
Working overtime is a prevalent practice among nurses that hospital management uses to deal with staff shortages. According to Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU), 34% of Manitoba nurses reported working overtime (2014, p. 4). Most overtime worked by nurses in Manitoba is voluntary, however, it is legal to mandate nurses to work overtime if required. Three in 10 overtime shifts worked by nurses in Manitoba are involuntary (MNU, 2010, p. 6). MNU defines mandatory overtime as a situation in which the nurse refuses the offered overtime and the employer orders the nurse to continue working after their assigned shift has ended (p. 7). Mandatory overtime is seen as an absolute, last possible resort for hospital managers, after all other options and possibilities have been exhausted (MNU, p. 6).
If the nurse being offered overtime determines they are too exhausted to provide safe, competent, and compassionate care, the nurse may refuse to work the mandatory overtime (College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba [CRNM], 2002, p. 1). Other potential

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