The Issue Of Open Carry

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Gun Laws Brad Coffman Ms. Scannell 10 November 2015 Abstract Open carry has been a proven fact to save lives and cut down on violence throughout the world. I believe that open carry would create a gateway to less violence and more opportunity. We have the right to exercise our rights as Americans. We shouldn’t have to cower in fear at the sight of a gun when guns gave us our freedom. The British weren’t going to just hand Americans all the land they wanted. The Americans fought for it, with guns. They didn’t take no for an answer and look where we are, two hundred years later and our country is full of wimps who won’t even say all lives matter anymore. The United States needs open carry to protect…show more content…
The sad part is, many people are making a huge controversy over the fact that it would cause more problems than it would solve. No one is subject to knowing if a teacher is really carrying a gun or not. A teacher can carry a gun without anyone, not even the superintendent, has to know. Teachers must be completely trained before trying to carry at a school. Six of the twenty eighty states became legal after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting. Thirty three states tried to pass the bill to carry in schools through legislation but only five were able to do such. Teachers are known to say that they take it deeply personal when a shooter messes with their students. Utah is the easiest of all states for teachers and everyone to carry a gun. No fatal shootings have occurred in Utah since the day teachers have been allowed to carry guns in school over a decade ago. The Gun Violence Prevention Center is trying hard to disarm teachers and other Americans alike. Some believe that teachers with guns make the kids feel as if they are in an unsafe environment, but a lot of people believe otherwise. Schools can designate teachers to carry a gun in their school if they very well feel it is necessary. There are almost nine guns for every ten people in the United States including children, women, and men. Gun owners believe it is a right most valued by free people throughout the United States. There’s an estimated two hundred and seventy million
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