The Issue Of Race And Education

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The issue is not prejudice. The issue is discrimination; the actions that personify the hatred burdened in ignorance that boils inside of people. Hatred makes them incapable of preventing their darkness from permeating the environment; stifling the dreams of young men and women who look like me. This is the message that is lost amongst the fury and emotion that surrounds race relations. In writing about race and education, I was able to force myself to remove feeling from this topic. In doing so, I came to the realization that people really do not care if someone hates the next person. People care about the ability to thrive.
People want to feel free. Freedom goes beyond being released from physical chains. Freedom is access and opportunity. Freedom is being able to make choices that have similar outcomes to your brethren, whether negative or positive.
Almost three months after the submission date, I can valiantly attest to the difficulty of the topic of race and education. The area is layered with nuances, history, structural barriers and of course personal experiences. It is a struggle for me to grasp that it would take a Picasso of an attorney to creatively apply the law to form a legal right around the issue of education. Education as a fundamental right, with being such a central and vital asset to survival in today’s society, seems like such an obvious progression that it need no argument. However, here we are.

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