The Issue Of Reproductive Rights

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The topic of reproductive rights surrounding women in Texas has been a hot buttoned issue since the closing of many reproductive centers across the state. Recently damaging abortion restrictions were passed and therefor encroach on women’s reproductive rights even more by decreasing access to abortion care. Texas’ 84th Legislature, both passed HB 3994 as a law and had it Governor Abbott make it effective with his signature on July 8, or this year. This law complicates access to abortion services for mistreated and neglected minors and for those who do not possess specific identification cards in Texas.
Specifically HB 3994 has four requirements of the bill that would explicitly hinder Latina minors. The first provision it that the bill will make it harder for a minor to demonstrate that she needs a judge to approve her for an abortion because the level of evidence that the minor must acquire is much more encompassing. Secondly, it revises the requirement that a judges rule must be made immediately, expanding the decision time from two days to five and prolonging the process. The third provision withdrawals the requirement that in the case the judge cannot make an immediate rule, then the minor’s case was automatically granted. This third provision along with the extension of the ruling time, could lead to a number of rules not being made and to the possibility of the minor’s application being denied. Fourthly, the new bill brings limits on who can have their appeals heard

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