The Issue Of The Legislative Process

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Legislative Process

The legislative process is a series of steps taken to help change bills into laws that govern our society. The process is in place so that society can have a say in which laws are passed. This is a look at the way this process works and can be used to develop laws that support the health care system. In this paper I will discuss a topic that I feel very strongly about;abortion. There are pros and cons to every choice and bill that is presented to the government.

Changes are very difficult to make or have instituted. Sometimes it takes a very long time with much persistence and drive to make the points of interest clear and get legislature on your side to get the job done.

There are 3 branches of government: Legislature, Executive and Judicial. Each of these have separate distinct roles in the laws that govern our country. Legislature is where the bill enters into the process and hopefully becomes a law.Here the bill is examined and it is decided if it is what is needed for the majority of the country. Congress is part of this decision making process and is composed of two areas: The Senate, composed of 100 men and women and the House of Representatives which is composed of 435 men and women. These are elected officials and the people of the United States. Next comes the Executive Branch. It consist of the President, Vice President and appointed cabinet

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