The Issue Of The Lottery

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lottery is one of only a few that operates a compulsive gambling treatment operation as part of its regular operations, employing six problem gambling experts. Five states require a telephone number for help for problem gamblers be printed on its lottery tickets (National Gambling Impact, 1999).
Are the risks too high and are the choices made when gambling beneficial for the greatest number affected versus profitability for the state lotteries, businesses who manufacture goods and services for the lottery, and the education system. Utilitarianism is a choice for the greatest number affected by this choice, with the growing numbers of gambling disorders and now with younger people gambling, this group could become the greatest choice affected in the future.
Is it right to claim that all gamblers utilize their alternative perspective of ethical egoism? Is it ethical to gamble or chance your mortgage, rent, or car payment on a hunch for the lottery or betting large on the Super Bowl because you desire this for your own happiness or pleasure despite the consequences? According to Mosser (2013), this is an example of ethical egoism. A gambler, who would take a high-risk and maximizes their utility for their self-interest. Most people who take chances on gambling can become dependent on substance abuse due to the risky consequences of losing their money, income, home, car, and eventually family and friends. Next steps are depression, alcohol abuse, and drugs take over

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