The Issue Towards Education And Education Reforms Needs Peoples ' Awareness Needs

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The issue towards education and education reforms needs peoples’ awareness needs to increase because of how important this issue is. The educational system is corrupt because people are required to pay thousands of dollars or take out loans that are putting them in debts for years which is absurd. Students from all over the nation forced to take out loans that put them in debt for most of their life. Low income students also do not have many options for education and cannot afford one. The cost of education will keep on getting higher and higher as time progresses and the next president and congress of the democratic party needs to focus on this problem for students that are in college and for the ones who will be in the future. The education issue is one of the biggest challenges that the United States are facing today and needs to be fixed by lowering tuition, more options for low-income students, and create more teaching jobs. Both political parties have different views on education and only one has the right mind to fixing the educational issue. On the website,, and states different ways on how the democratic party will fix the educational system by reforming college tuitions, financial aid, student loans, and for students who come from a low-income family.
On the website, and, Senator Sanders believes that students who are willing to go to college should be denied based on

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