The Issue of Prayer in Schools

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Often, as was the case of the abolition of slavery in our country, it seems that courts ratified change that had already occurred in the ethos of the national culture and consciousness of the nation after the tide had already turned. This is the case with the issue of prayer in schools and the separation of church and state in general.
As much as the history of court cases is good evidence for the separation of church and state and with it the denial of prayer in schools, supporters of prayer in public schools can and do make the argument that the intention of the Founding Father’s of this nation was to form a nation centered around prayer and Biblical instruction with it’s accompanying values. Their understanding of religious freedom was no doubt defined and acted out in the context of their culture and religious influences. Courts of their day certainly did not push back against the integration of church and state as we think of it today. Why else would the countries’ oldest and now most prestigious institutions have their roots founded in the preparation of clergy for religious work? Harvard, Yale and Princeton, among other great universities, were actually built for the purpose of raising up educated pastors. Use the david lose inside quote Proponents of prayer in schools will no doubt point to reverse discrimination or infringement upon their own religious freedom if they or their children are not allowed to express their faith by praying in public. With the

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