The Issues Of Wal Mart

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Paper 1 Majority of people has been shopping in Wal-Mart once or even frequently. People like the way that Wal-Mart works. Their prices are cheap and we can find variety of commodities. Wal-Mart has run for around 53 years. It is a great thing because it can represent that people like the store. It is very important to note that not every retail store can be run for a long time with tremendous profit. According to their website, they have approximately 260 millions customers consumes in their stores which includes the stores over 28 countries. In addition, Wal-Mart also has 2.2 millions employees all over the world, including 1.4 millions employees in the U.S. However, the chief executives officer of Wal-Mart, Doug McMillon recently announced that they are going to shut down 269 stores that includes in the U.S. store and worldwide stores. In other words, there are more than 16000 workers including 10000 in the U.S. will be affected and thousand of workers will be laid off. This paper is going to analyze the issue ethically, and use alternative ways to work the problem out. First of all, there is a question rising up that why does Wal-Mart need to shut down so many stores? In McMillon’s response, he said that because they want a smarter business. They want to expand their business by cutting some that are not earning profit or earning less profit. This is legally correct to do this decision for a leader of a company. It is a CEO’s obligation to bring the company to a

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