The Joint Chiefs Of Staff ( Jcs ) Essay

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Mr. President,
We, as the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), need to engage you in a serious foreign affairs concern. Previously, you have been alerted to the overall concerns in Cuba in your security briefings. Now, we need to bring to your attention to the bigger issue of Prime Minister Fidel Castro’s forceful move towards direct communism rule in Cuba by strengthening his ties with the Soviet Union and Red China.
Castro’s immediate rise to power in Cuba was bothersome and concerning to the United States from the beginning. Although we were suspicious of his intentions, we were initially hopeful that the overthrow of Batista would bring positive changes to Cuba and her people. Nonetheless, Castro has shown us through his extreme socialist policies that he aligns more with communist policies than democratic ones. Indeed, his Revolutionary Forces have brought him full, unbridled control of the Cuban Government, including operations, law enforcement, utilities, labor unions, news outlets, and financial institutions. In fact, he is carrying out death trials and mass executions to this day. From an economic perspective, Castro is pushing down the upper- and middle-class citizens in Cuba. Through the establishment of government control over private property, he enforces reductions in residential rental prices to landlords. As well, he has cut down the stature of teachers, saying that they are the root of the social problems in Cuba. Because of these drastic changes, the upper-and
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