The Journey Across The Atlantic Slave Trade

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I love reading, but this book is not my usual choice of recreational fun. I was dreading having to read it. But I can say that after studying this narrative, it has opened my eyes about early slavery and especially the Atlantic slave trade. In the self-written life story The Interesting Narrative of Oladah Equiano, we get a close up look at what slavery and the Atlantic slave trade were actually like for those sold into slavery. I believe this book has great historical significance when it comes to studying slavery during the late 1700s for many reasons. For one, Equiano’s description of his early life in Africa informs us that the Africans were enslaving people just as the white man was, and it gives us insight on how African slavery differed from the harsher slavery on the plantations in the Americas. Equiano’s narrative also gives us the gruesome details of what life was like for those who were passengers in the slave trade across the Atlantic. His detailed description of his journey across the Atlantic Ocean helps us to understand what it was like for the prisoners and not just what the white men told about what happened on those ships. And finally, through Oladah’s story we learn how hard it was for a slave to become a free man. Equiano struggles with that very task, and it is because he becomes a decent sailor that he is able to make enough money to buy his own freedom from his master Robert King.
In the first chapter of Equiano’s narrative, he gives an

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