The Journey Of The West

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The book,the Journey to the West first emphasizes how they work together to resist the master.They have four people. Tangseng who is the leader of them and has mission to get the holy scriptures,Song Wukong is the smartest person and good at fighting, Zhu Bajie is supposed be the immortal forever, but he made some mistake ,and he needs make those up, and Sha Wujing, who is the same as Zhu Bajie.They all trust each other,and they have Owen duty.Tang Seng is son of Buddha, so the others protect him from the devil.The master who wants to eat Tang Seng for getting higher power and living one more thousands years.It changes into a beautiful girl for attracting Tang Seng when they first came into this town.Sun Wukong feels some evil stuff…show more content…
In the movies, the main point is Sun Wukong is defense and fighting with the monster.At first, the monster turns into a young girl ,and Sun Wukong knows she is the devil by using his special eyes. He says nothing , just kills that girl for Tang Seng’s safety. The monster doesn 't die and runs away.But Tang Seng doesn 't knows she is monster, and he thinks Sun Wukong killed people for no reasons, that’s ridiculous. He blames Sun Wukong and is mad with him. Sun Wukong wants to explain it to Tang Seng, but he just believes what he saw. The monster didn 't get Tang Seng, so she makes another plane which is to turn into old lady with two beautiful daughters who are hers sisters.Tang Seng goes to their house and sees a poor lady, trying to help her out.but Sun Wukong still knows she isn’t normal person.Killed her again,Tang Seng thinks he is unteachable. Killed the innocent person again and again.He let Song Wukong leave and says he doesn’t need protect from monster.This plan works.Without Sun Wukong , the monster is easy to get Tang Seng.At the end ,monster catches Tang Seng. Zhu Bajie find Sun Wukong out, and tells him what’s happening with Tang Seng. He is back, and killed the monster. Tang Seng believes what he said and they are back what they used to.Second,the monster are not as evil as the character in book.Sometimes, she doesn 't want to hurt Tang Seng,but she can 't let him go.She needs his blood of him.
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