The Jungle Of Upton Sinclair

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The Jungle

Upton Sinclair came from a life of struggle. He did not start school until after he was ten years old, but was in college by the age of fourteen. He attended City College of New York until he was eighteen, and then he attended Columbia postgraduate. He studied literature, music, history, and philosophy. Sinclair’s childhood was a rough one. He saw two different sides to social class. Since his father was an alcoholic and would only work some of the time, he experienced the life of poverty. His mother wanting more for him, would send him to spend time with her upper middle class family. Sinclair grew up both wealthy and in poverty. This is a big reason, he was influenced …show more content…

At the beginning of the book, Jurgis and Ona are married. Jurgis is happy and ready to live the “American dream” but after being forced to work in inhuman, unjust, and brutal environments as Sinclair called them, Jurgis sees capitalism for what it really was, evil. Sinclair portrayed early in Chapters 1 and 2 that the “American dream” is achieved by working hard even though it shows the immigrants in Chicago struggling. In the beginning, Jurgis is confident that he will achieve the American dream. An example of his confidence happened in chapter 2 when Jurgis and Ona took a stroll outside and saw the filth of their neighborhood and also saw Packingtown. He said, “tomorrow I will go there and get a job” (page 30). He was confident that he would make his and Ona’s lives better and achieve the American dream. He believed that what they were going through was temporary. Jurgis learns about capitalism by watching his bosses and the rich get richer and himself and other laborers working very hard in awful circumstances for very low wage. Packingtown is an example of this. The tour in chapter 3 was important for this book, because readers are able to imagine what the workers and animals went through. Jurgis and other laborers know the meat that goes through Packingtown is often rotten or carries diseases. Instead of the business owners taking a loss on that bad meat, they would process and sell it anyway, just to get a profit. Even at

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