The Justice System And African Americans

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Many people believe that Whites are treated better than minorities. I agree with this opinion, however; I believe that the justice system favors Whites more than African-Americans. Throughout history it shows that the criminal justice system was never in place to serve and protect every human being. When slavery was legal the criminal justice system created laws to enslave human beings. It is not a surprise that the justice system does not work in favor with African-Americans because it has never worked in our favor. The legal system only benefits those of White people. There is a table that is in the article Discrimination or Disparity it was research collected in 2006, but it stills shows the difference between Whites and Blacks the table shows that the vast population in the United States is Caucasians not African-Americans. Caucasians have a high arrest rate, yet Blacks have a higher incarceration rate. This data goes to show that all arrest does not result in being incarcerated. Reading the table puts a question in my mind about the criminal justice system. Is there systematic discrimination in our criminal justice system in all places at all times? Is there discrimination from the time minorities are arrested to the time they are incarcerated? There are disparities in outcomes in the justice system. For example, there are more African-Americans sentenced to prison more than Whites due to bail or pretrial release to defendants base on it currently employed- (Samuel
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