The Key Literacy Skills That Have A Comprehensive Knowledge Of Literacy

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The discipline of history requires students to have a comprehensive knowledge of literacy in order to understand the elements of texts, how and why they were created, and how to construct arguments in an academically correct format. There are two key literacy skills that students need master in order to be successful in a history discipline class: the ability to analyse and evaluate sources and the ability to correctly structure academic arguments. While these understandings are ultimately skill based learning, I believe that students firstly require direct instruction and scaffolding to be able to navigate through academically appropriate concepts and ways of working. Throughout the unit plan, there is allocated lesson time for clear and direct literacy instruction, with the inclusion of guided activities and practice. The unit plan was created for Year 10 History students studying World War II. It is important, that students at this stage of their education understand how to implement the literacy skills of the discipline so that their choice of whether or not to continue their education in the field of history is an informed one. Throughout the unit, the literacy learning that is used to aid students in developing well rounded literacies in a history discourse includes: analysing and evaluating sources as an extension from the students knowledge of the aspects that make up all texts according to the four resources model; an understanding and development of the skill of
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